Official Review Policy

If you are an author, a literary agent, or a publisher, and you would like Nerdy Book Reviews to review your book or that of an author whom you represent, please contact us at

1) Please note that our reviews are limited to works of fiction such as novels, novellas, short story collections, poetry anthologies. We do not accept requests to review works that are not fiction.

2) Even though we review all works of fiction, it should be noted that preference will be given to novels and novellas.

3) If an author will like us to review their work, they must send us an email stating this, and they must tell us how they are going to be sending us their work.

4) We do not purchase the books of authors that have requested an official review from the site. The authors must send us their work.

5) The authors can either send us the electronic copy or hardcopy of their works, although we prefer hard copies.

6) If you are sending us an electronic copy, please email us the file, or email us with instructions on how to get the book for free. Please note that for e-books, books from Ibooks are preferred.

7) If you want to send us a hard copy of your book, please email us and we will get back to you with an address.

8) Please note that sending us your work for review does not guarantee that your work will be reviewed because of the volume of work that we need to review, and the volume of requests that we receive from other people.

9) Sending us a hard copy of your work will work in your favour, and the same goes for sending us an e-copy from Ibooks. We would consider other forms of books, but it is unlikely that we will review your work if you do not send us hard copies or Ibooks.

10) Please note that if you do not follow all the instructions above, your work will not be considered for review.

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